How To Promote Your Business Using Social Media Best Practices

How To Promote Your Business Using Social Media Best Practices

Social media is a growing influence in the MENA region for delivering content. Nearly two-thirds of the region use social media to acquire news and information. This is despite two-thirds of users feeling sources may not be reliable.

Younger generations are also more likely to trust and use social media as a source for news and information (75% of 18-24-year-olds versus 40% of 45 years and older.) Younger generations also place more trust in social media news.

This means that your business should be able to use social media to gain recognition, generate leads and sell to your target audience.

Best Practices.

The challenge is, how do you implement a social media strategy that matches best practices? Here are some best practices to consider in your social media campaigns.

1. Post Regularly, But Not Too Often

All social media profiles have different optimum levels for publishing on. Facebook and LinkedIn, for example, require only one or two updates per day.
Twitter, on the other hand, needs between six and ten updates per day – depending on your strategy. These updates should also be spread out throughout the day to gain the maximum reach.
With Instagram, you’ll want to be publishing updates between two and four times a day.

2. Use Images, Videos And Audio
Use YouTube to host videos of your brand message and share them on your social media profiles. Updates with rich media have more engagement and reach. In fact, Facebook seems to share content with video more than images.
Most businesses also forget to include video in their Instagram campaigns. This is despite videos and the platform being very popular in the MENA region.

3. Use Direct Messaging
MENA social media users tend to use direct messaging on social media. Direct message usage is greater than email use, therefore, using direct messaging on networks can return real value to your business.
Two great social media network for direct messaging is Snapchat and WhatsApp. They can be used by businesses to provide a relevant and customized message to specific leads.

4. Use Hashtags
Hashtags are a great way for your business to expand its reach, but they are often overused. Use only one or two for maximum effectiveness. Those with three or more tend to have a higher reach but fewer interactions, and it is the latter that is important.

5. Don’t Sell, Communicate

The most important lesson within any social media campaign is not to sell to your audience but to communicate with them. Build trust with your audience by conversing with them, sharing insights, news, and advice. Also, share third party content to demonstrate your community spirit.


Build social media campaigns with power by following the best practices. Usage of social media is strong within the MENA region, and with the right tactics, you have the potential to become a recognized brand.

Do you use social media in your marketing mix? What is your best tactic?

Let us know in the comments below.

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