Why Holidays Should Be Part Of Your Social Strategy

When it comes to the holiday season, it can be tempting not to publish anything on your social media feeds, or to ignore them completely. However, this can be a big mistake. Instead, the holidays should be a significant focus of your social media strategy.

There are numerous reasons why. Firstly, the holidays are important to consumers. They plan their lives around these events including a lot of spending, whether it’s on presents, food or experiences.

Secondly, consumers spend significant time researching online about the holidays, both before and during the event. Therefore, using the right hashtags can significantly increase your reach and attract potential customers.

How To Integrate The Holidays Into Your Social Strategy

Integrating the holidays into your social strategy can be difficult to plan for some. You can’t just add the relevant hashtag to your usual social post and hope audiences see a connection. It also doesn’t add anything new to your social stream, so looks boring to your regular audience.

However, you can create new campaigns using some tried and tested strategies that will support your holiday social strategy. Here are some great holiday campaigns to get you started:

User-Generated Content – Have your audience submit holiday-themed photos of themselves during the holidays or in the run-up. Use a relevant but unique hashtag to monitor the responses and give audiences an incentive such as a discount code for the best entry every week.

Discount Codes – A little simple, but in the run-up to an expensive time of year, discount codes can be highly effective at drawing attention to your brand.

Giveaways – Use the holidays to boost awareness of your brand, and mailing list, by offering a giveaway in the run-up to a holiday. Ensure you’ve got enough time to run the competition, pick winners and send out prizes.

Livestreams – Run a livestream where people can watch you and your staff members talk about the holidays. Livestreams on YouTube, Facebook, and other platforms are very popular.

Tailored Content – The simplest is sometimes the best. Create visual posts that represent the holidays and wish your audience a good holiday season, whichever it might be.


Integrating the holidays into your social strategy isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. It can help you reach new audiences and generate new leads. Don’t hide from holidays, embrace them as an opportunity.

What do you do during the holidays? How can you expand your holiday social strategy?

Let us know in the comments below.

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