Maryam Bin Fahad

Maryam Bin Fahad is a young Emirati leader with a solid 15 years of cross-board experi-ence in the media field. More recently, she worked as a Media Advisor to the Minister of State and the National Media Council of the United Arab Emirates.

Bin Fahad’s distinguished expertise include working for several government entities that are directly related to the media sector.
She served as the Director of Government Media Affairs at the Dubai Government Me-dia Office between 2012 and 2014, where she helped widen the scope and duties of the department to connect with the various governmental entities.

Under her supervision, directives and engagement, her team helped devise and execute strategies to the utmost professional levels.
During her tenure, Bin Fahad managed and supervised a number of top files, and con-tributed to the strengthening of the Office's position as a leading center for information on the government of Dubai.

She further helped in expanding her department’s and the Office’s scope of business and network of partners both regionally and internationally.
At the governmental level, Bin Fahad oversaw the setting and implementation of infor-mation and media strategies for various government projects.

Between 2007 and 2013, Bin Fahad served as the Executive Director of the Dubai Press Club, where she was responsible for developing the Club’s strategic projects in line with the UAE's vision concerning the media sector.
During her tenure, the DPC recorded important achievements regionally and interna-tionally, and was awarded the "Media Creativity Award" granted by the Arab Thought Foundation in 2010.

Bin Fahad was also elected as the Head of the International Association of Press Clubs in 2012

Since joining the DPC in 2005, Bin Fahad’s work has left a tremendous impact on leading projects including the Arab Media Forum and the Arab Press Award. She also super-vised the publishing of four research papers, which constituted an integral part of the "Arab Media Outlook", the most prominent reference for those working in the media field in the Arab world.

Maryam Bin Fahd is an inspiring model for Emirati women with her relentless and suc-cessful efforts that defied challenges and constraints imposed by Arab societies on a women's work in the media sector.
It is for her top achievements and unyielding spirit that she was named by Forbes Mid-dle East magazine as one of the most powerful Arab women in the government sector for 2013.

As a leading media expert, Bin Fahad won a number of regional awards including the prestigious L’Officielle Media Award for Arab Women, the Sony Award for Young Film directors from the UAE for her short film ”Fourak Al Rouh“, in addition to several other honorary shields of appreciation on the regional level.

Also recently, Bin Fahad launched a digital platform “Media Today” via YouTube and In-stagram, which provides experts, companies and individuals with a series of specialized episodes in the field of information and communication in modern age media. The aim is to help them avoid mistakes that occur when communicating with others over the various social media arenas.

Maryam holds a Master's degree in Marketing, Management, Communications and Media at the Sorbonne University, Abu Dhabi. She also holds a Bachelors with Honors in Arts: Film and Moving Image Production from Leeds Metropolitan University in England. Bin Fahad graduated with a Higher National Diploma in Applied Media Studies from Dubai Women’s College (HCT).
She completed two training programs: Government Media Leadership at the Moham-med Bin Rashid school of government and Government: Image & Information, at Lon-don Institute for management.


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